Jordanian Deputy accuses his country’s army to protect Israel


      The Jordanian MP Tareq Khoury accused Jordanian Armed Forces to protect Israel,  provoking anger and indignation of other deputies who responded to the accusations and ended with the lifting of Tuesday’s session.
     Khoury, known with his support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime also accused allies of the kingdom, to come with the isolated Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi  and financially support him, then President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was brought and granted other amounts.
    These accusations have led to the withdrawal of MPs of “AlIslah” bloc , who represent the Muslim Brotherhood in the session, and tried to prevent Khoury from continuing his speech, which caused the mess, which led the Speaker Atef Tarawneh to ask for adjournment of the meeting.
    In this regard, the media spokeswoman for the bloc “Al-Islah” , MP Dima Tahboub said that the speech of Khoury included fallacies and it was necessary to respond to it, which was vetoed by the President of “Al Islah” bloc Abdullah Alkaaylah, and told him that his talk is not true.
    She added that after this, MPs of “Al-Islah” withdrawn of the meeting (15 seats out of 130), noting that this position was cumulatively after MP Khoury’s violations against them

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