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Sheikh Sabri: Deal of the century will fail

Sheikh Sabri: Deal of the century will fail

Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, Aqsa Mosque preacher, said that the American plan to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which is called the deal of the century, would be doomed to failure. In his Friday khutba (sermon) at the Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Sabri warned that the deal of the century is aimed at excluding Jerusalem and the right of return from any future peace talks.
Describing the deal of the century as an abominable colonial Zio-American plan, the Aqsa preacher said the plan also aims to resettle Palestinian refugees in Arab countries and allow Israel to retain its colonies and settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.
“They want to keep the Jordan Valley under the occupation’s control, to have demilitarized Palestinian territories and to make Abu Dis the capital of the Palestinian state,” Sheikh Sabri elaborated.
“Can such cursed deal solve the Palestinian problem? It is a big plot exceeding all previous conspiracies. What is left for Palestine after that? He said.

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