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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy: we adhere to the decision of the parliament to recognize the state of Palestine.


  The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Paolo Gentiloni emphasized  that his government adheres to the Italian Parliament resolution calling for the recognition of the State of Palestine. He stressed , in a speech to parliament on the evening of last Wednesday, on the Italian position is clear and consistent since many years, and that Italy is one of the countries, which insists on the need to achieve a two-state solution.
  He also said: “the recognition of Palestinian state is a decision taken by parliament, and the Italian government intends to respect its recommendations, and its announcement will not be symbolic, but a declaration which will serves the peace process, and it must be on time and under certain circumstances to serve the two-state solution.” Gentiloni also added: “We have contacts with the Palestinian leadership, and our cooperation is continued.”

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