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Ambassador Maarouf meets the Speaker of the Canadian Parliament and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee


         In two separate meetings, Ambassador Nabil Maarouf , met today at the headquarters of the Canadian Parliament both the president of the Canadian Parliament, Mr. Jeff Reagan and the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Canadian Parliament, Mr. Robert Nolte.
     Ambassador Maarouf briefed Messrs. Reagan and Nolte on the latest political developments in Palestine, and the developments of the peace process, in addition to the Israeli intransigence on the issue of settlements. He also drew attention to the importance that Canada play a role in the peace process, especially in the areas of economy and education.
        The Ambassador Nabil Maarouf also raised in the two meetings the Canadian vote in the United Nations General Assembly on the draft resolutions on Palestine, where between the Canadian position to vote ten years ago against the Canadian voting recently, where the voting interest rights and human values adopted by Canada.
        The ambassador pointed out the need to open channels of dialogue between Palestine and Canada at all levels and in various fields. Meetings also dealt with a range of ideas, the most important of which is the revival of the Palestinian Canadian Parliamentary Friendship Association, and to arrange a visit of a Canadian delegation representing important figures to Palestine in order to see the developments of the situation and transfer it to the Canadian Street and decision-makers alike.

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