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Dr. Bahr praises Security Council resolution to stop settlement activity and values the position of the supporting countries.


    The first deputy of the President of the legislative council, Dr. Ahmad Bahr praised the decision of the Security Council which condemn the Zionist settlement and the need to stop it.
    Dr. Bahr Complimented in a statement issued by the Information Office of the legislative, the position of countries that voted in support of the decision and the right of the Palestinian territory and homeland.
    He also called the Security Council to take decisions including the mechanics of the process to stop the wheel of Zionist settlement, which almost swallowed most of the Palestinian land, noting that the UN resolution is a positive step forward to force Israel to stop settlement activities and the confiscation of Palestinian land.
    Dr. Ahmed Bahr Considered the Security Council resolution not enough to deter the occupation, stressing the need to oblige the Israeli government to implement all the resolutions and international conventions and agreements to which condemned and criminalized the settlement over the past decades.
    He also called on Arab governments to put the interests of the Palestinian issue on its agenda and its own interests, and to exert pressure to stop settlement activity and to isolate the Zionist entity internationally.

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