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The Arab League calls the Congress and unions of parliaments to support the resolution condemning settlement


      The Arab League condemned on Friday the US House of Representatives’ decision issued on the fifth of this month, reflecting a very negative trend which carries a condemnation of the resolution 2334 adopted by the Security Council, which calls for immediate and complete cessation of Israeli settlement activities in the occupied territories.
      The Palestine sector and the occupied Arab territories in the Arab League said in a press release that the Congress was supposed to support the UN resolution mentioned because it represents a step towards a two-state solution.
       The statement called on all regional and international parliamentarian unions and parliaments of the countries of the world to denounce this move which would encourage the Israeli occupation in persisting in its settlement plans that represent a major obstacle to the peace process.
          The statement continued: “At a time that is supposed to the US House of Representatives to push the Occupying Power to comply with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Charter of the United Nations, it is encouraging the occupation on the lack of respect of international legitimacy and human rights.”
         The Arab League also demanded the US House in its statement to stand by the justice of the Palestinian right endorsed by the international legitimacy and the rest of the UN resolutions decisions for the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem, and to engage in the international consensus that believes that peace and security will not be achieved through the building of settlements, murder, siege and terrorism, but It is achieved through ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state to resolve all outstanding issues, rather than aligned to the State of the occupation, which the whole world condemned its practices as a violation of international law.
       The statement also called on the US Congress to support the current international efforts aimed to launch a serious and credible political process, and strive to make it a success in order to end the Israeli occupation and achieve peace based on the vision of a two-state solution.

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