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Knesset begins MP Ghattas’ exclusion procedures


     Israeli Knesset began in the exclusion procedures of the deputy in the national democrat assembly in the United Arab List Basil Ghattas , and that is on the background of the issue of smuggling phones to prisoners in prisons of the occupation.
     The start of this process, after receipt of the Speaker of the Knesset, “Yuli Edelstein” signatures of 72 MKs extremist, demanding the exclusion of MP Ghattas.
     And the Minister Ze’ev Elkin, from the “Likud” party gave the signatures to the Speaker of the Knesset, and that up to 72 signatures, allowing the Knesset House Committee to begin examining the application of Exclusion Act, which requires the availability of at least 70 signatures.
      According to Israeli reports, Elkin is finding difficulties to recruit a majority composed of 90 Knesset members to vote on the exclusion of MP Ghattas from the Knesset.
     The Chairman of the Knesset, Edelstein pointed that these actions take place for the first time in the Knesset, and that he hopes to be the last.
     The United Arab List called on Monday evening, the Knesset members to object to the application of the non-democratic exclusion, which tramples on parliamentary grounds and on the principle of separation of authorities.
     According to a statement from the list, ” the opposition blocks opposed the Exclusion Act, which gives MPs the possibility of removal of their colleagues in the Knesset, unfairly, and convert it to reprisals judicial system which impose sanctions, and thus the support of a section of members of the opposition to the proposal to activate the law against MP Ghattas, is contrary to the essence of the positions of the opposition, which manifested itself during the discussions about the law. “
    The statement explained that the Knesset is not the judiciary, and the exclusion process is dangerous, and can be a tool for revenge and a flagrant violation of the rights of Knesset members, especially the rights of the Arabs Representatives.
     The Israeli police already investigated with MP Ghattas during the past weeks on charges of smuggling cell phones and coded messages to the prisoners of the occupation prisons, then the central court ruled transform Ghattas to home confinement, and remove him from the Knesset for a period of 6 months.

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