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Elements of the occupation attack the MPs of Arab Union list


       Israeli occupation forces attacked the United Arab List deputies while trying to enter the village of Umm Hieran besieged since Wednesday morning.
      The activist Rafik Bakri said to “Safa” Agency that police attacked the deputies of united list, while trying to break the military checkpoint, installed by the occupying forces on the western entrance to the village of Umm Hiran, to prevent any of the activists, MPs and residents from entering.
      He reported that police forces fired stun grenades at youth and MPs, in an attempt to keep them out, and clashes broke out between MPs and youth on the one hand and the police on the other hand.
   The Israeli occupation forces stormed at dawn Wednesday the village in order to demolish it, and fired on the villagers who stood up to the process of demolition, which led to the fall of the martyr Musa Yakoub Abou Al-Kiaan, and wounding five others, including the deputy Ayman Ouda.

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