Parliamentarians From “Al-Islah” party discuss Palestinian issues with Bahrain’s parliament


       Palestinian MPs from the “Reform and Change” bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council and Bahrainis’ MPs representing the advocacy Committee of  Palestine in Bahrain’s parliament discussed a number of issues during a  common parliamentary meeting via “video conferencing” technologie this week, at the headquarters of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza and the headquarters of the Council of Representatives of Bahrain.
       The discussion focused on the core issues represented in the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and the Israeli violations in Jerusalem, and ways to fight normalization with the occupation and support the Palestinian cause.
      The MP dr. Marwan Abu Ras, deputy of the parliamentary bloc of “Al-Islah” , during his opening speech at a depth of relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the State of Palestine.
      He pointed to the importance of such holding these meetings that shed light on the magnitude of the suffering and siege, crises and conspiracies against the Palestinian people, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s king and people for their unique role in supporting the Palestinian national cause.
      The meeting was attended from the Reform and Change bloc MP Dr. Marwan Abu Ras, deputy head of the block, and MP Mushir al-Masri, spokesman of the bloc, MP Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul, secretary of the Reform and Change bloc and MP Dr. Ahmed Abu Alabia Chairman of the Jerusalem Committee.
       From the Kingdom of Bahrain, MP Mohammed Al Emadi, head of the Palestinian cause advocacy committee in the Bahraini parliament also participated in the meeting  and MP Abdul-Hamid al-Najjar, Vice Chairman of the Committee and MP Mohammad Al-Ahmad and MP Nasser Al-Kasir.
      For his part, the Bahraini MP Mohammed Al Emadi emphasized that the Palestinian advocacy committee in Bahrain’s parliament set three priorities for its work which are: Jerusalem file, the fight against normalization with the State of the occupation and the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, pointing to Bahrain’s support for the just cause of the Palestinian position.
     Al-Emadi pointed out that the Committee will work through the possibilities available to them to work on the return of the law of the prohibition of dealing with the state of Israel.
    As he pointed out the presence of a proposal from the Commission to organize a visit to the Gaza Strip to support their steadfastness.

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