“Legislative Council” calls on Arab summit to protect Palestinian people


Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) called, in a statement issued Tuesday addressing the Arab Summit scheduled to open tomorrow in Jordan, for the protection of the Palestinian people in face of the Israeli systematic terrorism.
First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, ِAhmed Bahar,  stressed the importance of supporting the Palestinian national cause especially in light of the Israel serious threats, calling for giving utmost priority to the Palestinian cause.
He also asked Arab leaders to bear their political, historical, and religious responsibilities towards the Palestinian people and their holy sites.
The statement stressed the urgent need to adopt real and effective decisions which could confront Israeli escalated ambitions in the area, demanding the implementation of the Arab League’s earlier commitment to end Gaza siege.
On the other hand, Bahar expressed surprise that the Palestinian Authority would present a new political project during the summit, stressing the Palestinian total adherence to their rights and constants.

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