Amendment of the Knesset Constitution to prevent Arab MPs from traveling for activities supporting the boycott


     The Hebrew newspaper “Yisrael Hume” wrote on Thursday, the Chairman of the Israeli Knesset Committee MP Yoav Kish (Likud) intends to put forward an amendment to the Knesset’s Constitution, provides non-approval of the Parliamentarian Ethics Committee on the travel of any Arab deputy abroad, if the inviter or the funder supports the boycott of Israel
    The newspaper pointed out that “Kish” will also propose that the Ethics Committee does not approve the travel of an Arab deputy to an activity funded by supporters of the Israeli citizens trial in the International Tribunal, because of actions carried out during their military service or security.
     Kish’s proposal is completely contrary to the current situation in the Knesset. The committee can only prevent the MP from traveling today, if the trip is a bribe, contrary to moral principles.
   It can be assumed that this proposal will face strong opposition among the opposition. Meretz MP Michal Rosen said yesterday: “They stand on every possible platform against the boycott movement and in the same spirit are boycotting organizations, associations and now members of the Knesset.”

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