Arab Parliament appeals to parliamentary unions to put an end to the prisoners suffering


   The Arab Parliament appealed to all parliamentarians in the world and their national and regional organizations, the Union of the International Parliament and the Secretary-General of the United Nations and its competent organizations to take urgent measures to put an end to the suffering of Palestinian prisoners.
   Arab Parliament demanded during the parliament session, which decided to call it under the slogan of “solidarity with prisoners in Israeli jails,” at the Arab League headquarters on Monday, with the participation of Palestine, “the need to put pressure on Israel to force it to abide by the laws and regulations relevant applicable in the treatment of Palestinian prisoners and sending committees fact-finding mission to Israel for that and to work for their release and secure their freedom on the road to end the occupation and establish a lasting and just peace in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. “
   The Council strongly condemned what Israel is doing against the prisoners, noting that at a time when Israel continues to occupy the territory of the State of Palestine since June 4, 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital, it continues its continuous aggression against the Palestinian people, who are fighting for freedom and independence in various forms and methods from killing, arrests, confiscation of land and the try to change the demographic structure, especially in the city of Jerusalem.
   The parliament stressed that Israel tightened its punitive measures against prisoners in violation of all customs, laws and human rights, such as continuing administrative detention, arresting hundreds of children and women and depriving them of their most basic rights, stressing the continued struggle of the Palestinian people to restore their full rights and freedom.
   The Council continued: Palestinian prisoners in the occupation camps decided, leaded by combatant and leader Marwan Barghouthi on the occasion of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, which falls on 17 April of each year, to start an open hunger strike in order to realize their rights in accordance with relevant international agreements such as the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Human Rights Charter whether by canceling administrative detention and obtaining their rights of health, education and visiting their families, and stopping solitary confinement’s punishment and release of children.
   The Arab Parliament saluted the heroic Palestinian prisoners for their efforts in the battle of the empty bellies they are waging for their freedom and the freedom of their people.
  It is noteworthy that the prisoners continue their hunger strike in the “battle of freedom and dignity” for the eighth day in a row, the number of more than 1500 prisoners, and the number is likely to increase, while the Israeli prison administration continues its arbitrary measures against them.

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