Gaza .. Legislative deputies donate a month salary in favor of patients


    The Legislative Council held a special session today at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City to discuss the effects of the siege on the health sector. At the end of the session, the deputies gave a monthly donation for kidney and cancer patients.
    The session was opened by Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council. He pointed out that this special session comes in the Shifa complex in Gaza to discuss the health dimensions of the siege of the Gaza Strip, in the framework of devoting the PLC’s approach to holding its sessions in the heart of suffering.
    Bahar blamed the occupation for the results of preventing the entry of medicines and medical equipment targeting hospitals, medical staff and ambulances, which prevents foreign medical teams from entering the Gaza Strip, which hijack solidarity ships with patients in the Gaza Strip.
    As he said that that the occupation take the full responsibility for the lives of all the patients in the Gaza Strip, appealing to the Egyptian brothers to open the Rafah crossing for travelers and the disabled, especially the sick ones. In addition, Mahmoud Abbas personally and the government of Hamdallah carries a large part of responsibility in the absence of their moral, legal, national and humanitarian duties towards Gaza, especially the Ministry of Health.
    He added that “Mahmoud Abbas bears full responsibility for the criminal actions he is taking against the Gaza Strip, which reached the hungry intestines of the poor, orphans and needy families in the sector. Abbas is also trying to cut the salaries of families of martyrs and prisoners in a dangerous precedent consistent with the occupation approach to targeting resistance and steadfastness of the Palestinian people at home and abroad. “
   Bahr stressed that the arbitrary actions of Mahmoud Abbas do not represent the Palestinian people, but only represents himself, in addition to the fact that he has lost the constitutional and legal legitimacy since January 2009 according to the Palestinian Basic Law and its amendments.

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