MP al-Abadseh: The increasing campaign of Zionist laws against the Palestinians reflect the occupation’s racism


    MP Yahya al-Abadasah said that the continuous escalation in the Zionist Knesset’s approval of racist laws against the Palestinians is a new proof of the racism of the occupation state, pointing out that this racism is going progressively according to the extrapolation of the region and the weakness of the region and its strength and the majority of them are supportive of the occupation.
   “The occupation state is a racist state since its inception because it was based on the expense of the Palestinian people and at the expense of the Palestinian cause,” MP al-Abadseh said, adding that this was embodied by the adoption by the Zionist Knesset of 25 racist laws by the final reading and 15 laws in the legislative stage of racist laws targeting the Palestinian people during the nineteenth parliamentary term of the Zionist Knesset (2013-2017).
    He also said that “The occupying state exploits the Arab region in a state of weakness and preoccupation with crises, so it allows to the Knesset to launch racist laws”, adding that the world has become indifferent to the rights of the Palestinian people and therefore, we see such an escalation in the Zionist racist tone
    MP al-Abadasah pointed out that the Zionist society is walking towards racism clearly through its adoption of the largest number of racist laws targeting the Palestinian people and that the occupation seeks to seize the Palestinian territories, violating the rights of the Palestinian people with more racist laws and Zionist crimes on the land.
    He pointed out that the strongest response to the escalation of these laws of racism and the increasing violations of Zionism is through the unity of the Palestinian people and the possession of a liberal project and a national strategy and political program agreed, stressing that this is the strongest response to this racism.

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