Expulsion of the occupation’ supporters from the British Parliament Hall during a symposium to discuss the issue of Jerusalem.


    Police responsible for the security of the British Parliament expelled four people loyal to the Israeli occupation from the hall dedicated to a discussion organized by the Palestinian Return Center on the issue of displacement in Jerusalem, hosted by British MP Mark Hendrik and with the participation of a number of academics and activists.
   The seminar entitled “The Question of Jerusalem: Occupation, Discrimination and Displacement” was devoted to the suffering of Jerusalemites and the situation that has taken place in the city and its residents following intensive campaigns to Judaize and change its cultural and religious identity, and this was in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the occupation of East Jerusalem.
   The main platform of the symposium included Prof. Wendy Pollen, Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies and Head of the   Department of Architecture at Cambridge University, who presented a scientific presentation on the effects and damage suffered by the city of Jerusalem as a result of the continued occupation. The repercussions of this on the daily lives of Jerusalemites under the policy of apartheid and geographical fragmentation And presented practical examples and projections, including settlements, the network of main roads and parks, as well as archaeological sites being developed by the government and settlers.
    In his turn, the British professor from Jerusalemite origin, Kamel Hawash, gave an emotional presentation about the suffering of the Jerusalemites by recounting stories of personal suffering that he and his family suffered due to unfair Israeli policies and security restrictions. explaining that he lived his last experience only days ago when he was forcibly deported and returned from Ben-Gurion Airport to great Britain after arresting him for long hours and subjecting him to investigation and abuse. As he said that these practices are deliberate against the Jerusalemites and activists in particular, with detailing on their continuation results on the legal and social level of the people of the holy city.
   Professor Benny Green, Professor of Law at the University of London and Director of the International Initiative to Combat International Crime, presented an explanation of the stages of the development of the crisis in the city of Jerusalem in a historical context since the Nakba and supported by statistics and figures. She also discussed with legal aspects Jerusalem’s various concerns, foremost of which are the demolition of houses, Israeli roadblocks and racial discrimination, rather than the end of the wall being built by Israel and annexing increasing areas of the West Bank.
   The session, which was led by Labor MP Mark Hendrick, concluded with a section devoted to receiving questions from the audience, with unregulated interventions and a riot by a number of Israeli supporters, aimed at confusing and causing confusion. This led to security intervention and the forcible removal of four Israeli activists out of the room who are Jonathan Huffman, Richard Melt, Sharon Kaf and Mandi, on the grounds of abuse and non-respect of the rules and laws in force in the Council

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