Lebanese President stresses attention and follow-up to prisoners’ strike


   Lebanese President Michel Aoun stressed his country’s support for the Palestinian cause and its priority despite the many repercussions in the region.
   During a meeting with a delegation of the Arab Journalists Union, Aoun stressed the importance and follow-up of the prisoners’ strike in Israeli jails against repressive practices and inhumane conditions in which they live.
   The delegation was welcomed by the head of Lebanese Press Editors Elias Aoun who presented the president of the Arab Journalists Union Muayad Lami, who spoke about the reality of press freedoms in the Arab world. He added that “talking about the professional reality is important, but we can not overlook what is happening to the Palestinian people of oppression which reached the limit of constriction on prisoners in their cells and depriving them of the simplest means of living.”
   Al-Lahham presented the Palestinian scarf to Aoun.
  On the sidelines of the meetings, Al-Lahham also met with the Lebanese Minister of Information, who also stressed the necessity of supporting the Palestinian people and strengthening steadfastness on their land and standing with the prisoners in Israeli prisons until they obtain freedom.

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