Palestinian day in the US Congress next Monday


    The Palestinian Labor Day (the third of its kind) will kick off next Monday in the US Congress to urge its members to adopt “more fair and just approaches” to the Palestinian cause.
Osama Abu Ershid, one of the activists said in a publication on Facebook.”When we launched this event for the first time in 2015, we (The American Muslims for Palestine) created a history that, for the first time, we came with Palestine as Americans to Congress, Which is the most powerful fortress of Israel in the United States. ”
Abu Rishid added: “Our work for Palestine in America is in America, not by adopting the speech of the East . We should not leave the arena empty to one side.”
Dozens of supporters of the Palestinian cause from the United States (Jews, Christians and Muslims) are expected to go to Washington on Monday with dozens of their representatives’ offices in the House and Senate to urge them to adopt “more fair and just approaches” to the Palestinian cause.
Abu Ershid explained that the “Muslims of America for Palestine” team has been working for weeks to make this work effective and influential, saying “we have prepared our cases professionally, we have identified practical and feasible demands, and arranged a meeting with senior State Department officials. Such work needs professionalism as well as determination. “

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