MP “Jabarin” holds the Israeli police responsible for the settlers’ terror


    MK Yusef Jabarin accused the Israeli occupation police the responsability of continuing the terror of the “price-paying” organization.
   This came after his visit on Wednesday, the family of Younis in the occupied inside, who was a victim of the terrorist organization’s operation. He said that the gangs of the fascist right and the settlers continue their crimes against our people in light of the police’s apparent failure to arrest the criminals. These gangs are fed by the official racist discourse in Israel, and we hold the police and the Israeli government fully responsible for these terrorist acts. “
    Jabarin continued by saying “The police closed the investigation into the attack on the mosque of the young Iraqi neighborhood three years ago. The terrorist acts continue, and only two weeks ago there were similar operations in the village of Naoura and Shu’fat in Jerusalem. The settlers continue to terrorize our people without any deterrent and without the police moving a finger”.
   “Is the police waiting for a disaster like the one in Duma against the Duabsha family, to wake up from its slumber?” Jabarin wondered.

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