MP Dr. Adwan: The American position to resolve the Palestinian issue is a bias to the occupying state


   MP for the change and reform bloc Dr. Atef Adwan confirmed that the requirements of US President Donald Trump to President Mahmoud Abbas, that no two-state solution before the implementation of the Arab initiative and Arab normalization with Israel is a US bias to the interests of the occupation and US coherence at the expense of Palestinian rights.
   MP Adwan said in a statement to the media department in Block (29-5): “Trump’s biased attitude towards the occupation reflects the Arab situation, which is witnessing deep conflicts between the Gulf states and Iran and interventions from several countries, which affected the Palestinian cause, which is witnessing a deep conflict with the occupation state “.
   He added “The US President Trump imposed the vision of the occupying state on the countries concerned with the solution, especially on the Palestinian side, which means the absolute bias of America with the occupying state.”
  MP Dr. Adwan mentioned the US President Trump call for a regional solution first and then Arab normalization with the State of occupation and then the Palestinian state, stressing that this demonstrates the consistency of the US President with the occupying state at the expense of Palestinian rights.
  MP Adwan emphasized that the American administration should curb the aggression of the occupying state, pointing out that the US president is biased to the occupation and in return calls for the Arabs to take good steps at the time of which the occupation is attacking the Palestinian people.

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