The “European Campaign” is stepping up its activities against the siege of Gaza


   The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza ended on Saturday the activities of the united European Day to reject the Israeli siege on Gaza and to support the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which coincided with the seventh anniversary of the Israeli piracy.
   The European campaign stated that the activities of the unified day included sit-ins and protest vigils in a number of capitals and cities of Europe, which were distributed in countries : Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Sweden and Austria.
   The events included sending letters and petitions to European foreign ministers and parliamentarians calling for lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip.
   In this context, the head of the European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza Mazen Kahil that “the campaign continues to seek to put the international community in front of its responsibilities towards the suffering of those trapped in the Gaza Strip, calling for the need to end the siege of Gaza in full.”
   The campaign drew attention to the fact that many European cities witnessed the events of the unified European day. The Palestinian, Arab and European institutions and societies organized solidarity and support rallies for Gaza. During the events, the prisoners’ suffering was described and the disastrous dimensions of the Gaza blockade were distributed.
   The campaign pointed out that these activities were accompanied by Taghreed’s campaign in social networking sites on the theme of “#Gaza_of_dignity” and “Strike_of_dignity”, accompanied by launching a campaign in various European languages launched by the Palestinian Youth Gathering in Europe, targeting European youth to express their rejection of the continued siege on the Gaza Strip after 11 years.

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