MP Shehab holds the occupation full responsibility for the life of MP Tal and calls for the immediate release of him


     MP from the bloc of change and reform Dr. Mohammed Shihab held the occupation full responsibility for the life of the kidnapped MP Mohammed Tal, who was transferred from administrative detention in Ofer Prison to Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem, The MP suffers from several chronic diseases and needs specialized medical care and the risk increases for his life in light of his detention in the occupation prisons .
     MP Shihab called for the immediate release of MP Tal and all the kidnapped MPs in the occupation prisons, considering the abduction of deputies exceeded all international laws and customs, but a crime against diplomatic immunity.
    MP Shehab denounced the administrative detention, which is issued against the prisoners, noting that this is a clear violation of all international and humanitarian conventions.
    MP Shihab appealed to international parliaments and juridical institutions to work for the release of prisoners MPs who are subjected to violations of their rights guaranteed by international charters and laws.

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