MP Dr. Chehab: The policy of demolishing martyrs houses in the West is a criminal act and state terrorism


   MP Mohammed Shihab denounced The Zionist occupation forces to blow up the house of the martyr Adel Ankush from the monastery of Abu Meshaal west of the city of Ramallah yesterday morning, and the houses of the families of martyrs Osama Atta and Bara Saleh last week, as well as the home of the prisoner Omar al-Abd.
   MP Shihab said in a statement that the occupation policy of the demolition of the operations executers’ homes is a criminal policy and a violation of all international laws and human rights.
   He also said that this policy were used by many of the previous occupations and is still used by the Zionist occupation, pointing out that it is an unjust and void punishment policy and a terrorism against humanity and a revenge from the martyrs families.
  MP Shihab stressed that the occupation policy of demolishing the homes of the operations executers will not break the will of the Palestinian people and will not prevent the resistance, adding: “These measures will increase the strength and steadfastness of the martyrs families for the resistance and will increase the revenge on the Zionist occupation.”
  He called on all Palestinian people, institutions and international charitable institutions to work to rebuild these houses and support the steadfastness of the families of martyrs and prisoners, calling on international institutions and human rights institutions to condemn these crimes and the to erose the Zionist occupation.

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