Israel works again on thwarting Palestinian bid to join Interpol


Israel has launched diplomatic efforts to obstruct the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) renewed attempt to join the International Police Organization, Interpol.
An Israeli diplomatic campaign has been underway for weeks to convince member states to vote against a Palestinian request to join the Interpol during its upcoming meeting in Beijing.
According to the Jerusalem Post, a Palestinian bid to join the organization, which represents police forces from some 190 countries, failed last year at the annual meeting in Indonesia, along with bids by Kosovo and Solomon Islands.
At the time, all the three bids were considered on the same ballot, with 62 countries voting to suspend the bid until this year, 56 voting to deal with the issue and 37 abstaining.
Israel is adamantly opposed to Palestinian admission to all international organizations, arguing that a state of Palestine does not exist, but regarding the Interpol, it has fears that if the PA becomes a member, it will push for arrest warrants against Israeli officials and citizens, who committed violations and war crimes against Palestinians.
Israel also fears that the PA could have access to sensitive security information it shares with the organization.

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