The General Executive Director of the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds participates in the Al-Quds International Conference in Istanbul


The Executive Director of the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds, Mr. Al-Bashir Jarallah, participated in the activities of the Al-Quds International Conference entitled “Al-Quds.. Past, Present and Future” held in Istanbul on Saturday and Sunday, 23,24/09/2017.
He stressed the need to mobilize all the components of the Ummah to support Al-Quds, especially parliamentarians, who are considered the link between peoples aspiring to leadership, and governments demanding sovereignty, indicating the most important roles to be played by parliamentarians through the goals set by the League of parliamentarians for Al-Quds.
During his interviews with the media, he stressed the importance of such conferences in preserving the Ummah’s memory and raising awareness of the importance of the struggle to confront the brutal Zionist plan.
The conference, which ended on Sunday with the participation of guests from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon and Syria, aims to define Al-Quds and consolidate its love through the narration of its history  and its cultural definition.


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