Bahr: PLC key factor to make reconciliation come true


First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Ahmed Bahar, said national reconciliation can only see the day if the PLC retrieves its legitimacy and actively engages in the process.
“PLC will remain a safety valve at all stages of national and political action,” said Bahar. “Reconciliation should pass through the channel of such a legitimate body in order to come true.”
He highlighted in a press release on Monday the PLC’s commitment to set the stage for free and democratic elections, legislative and presidential, and to promote the establishment of operative government institutions.
“Reconciliation will remain flawed if a PLC session is not held to discuss important files,” he added.
“PLC derives its legitimacy from the very people who have put it into power. It certainly plays a key role in activating the terms of reconciliation agreements and involving all the Palestinians, regardless of their partisan affiliations, in national politics,” Bahar further stated.

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