MP Naim calls for dissolving the Committee of communication with the occupation


MP Huda Naim expressed disapproval and rejection of the women’s march organized by the Committee to communicate with the Zionist community in the south of the city of Jericho, calling for the dissolving of the communication committee urgently and immediately and to hold accountable those who organized it.
MP Naim said in a statement: “We want to end the occupation of our land and there are malicious targets and normalization rejected popularly and nationally which stand behind the organization of such non-national events.”
MP Naim added: “The activities of the Committee to communicate with the occupation is a crime against the sacrifices of our people and its struggle and a deny of the blood of martyrs and out of the national position that rejects normalization with the occupation state.”
MP Naim explained that this march is part of the normalization projects rejected nationally with the Zionist occupation, considering that a malicious role and a crime against the Palestinian people, stressing that these normalization activities undermine the campaign to isolate the State of occupation and its territory because of its crimes against the palestinian people.
She called on promoting the boycott campaign of the occupying state and its products as a national and Islamic duty, pointing to the need to hold accountable those who promote the normalization.

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