22 Jordanian MPs accuse UNRWA of removing Palestine maps from schools


22 Jordanian lawmakers on Sunday called on their government to curb what they called excesses committed by the management of the UNRWA in Jordan, especially its removal of Palestine maps and Jerusalem photos from its schools.
In a letter addressed to premier Hani al-Mulki, the lawmakers accused UNRWA director Roger Davies of disrespecting the Palestinian identity and ignoring the rightful demands of the agency’s employees in Jordan, according to Quds Press.
They stated that the UNRWA worked, at the behest of Davies, on shrinking the services it provides for the Palestinian refugees in Jordan and removed Palestine maps and Jerusalem photos from its schools in Jordan.
The MPs warned that such “unacceptable” practices by the UNRWA would lead to undesirable consequences, calling for taking strict steps to have the agency reverse its recent measure in schools and fulfill its obligations towards the employees and refugees in Jordan in order to protect the national peace.


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