The Palestinian National Council addresses the international parliamentary unions on the decision of the Dutch Parliament


Palestinian National Council President Salim Zanoun on Monday addressed a number of regional and international parliamentary associations on the resolution adopted by the Dutch Parliament on Thursday, November 2, 2017, in which it calls on the Dutch government not to support any resolution adopted by the United Nations or its various bodies against Israel, in particular the recent resolutions of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and to take practical steps against States that support these resolutions.
The President of the National Council Salim Zanoun that such biased resolutions give the pretext for Israel, the occupying Power, to commit further violations and intransigence in the implementation of the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, and grant them immunity to continue its violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory.
In his letters, Al-Zanoun explained that the Dutch Parliament and its government must adopt positions that reflect its principles and commitment to international law and human rights and take all possible measures to ensure that Israel stops these violations and shows due respect for the law and the collective will of the international community, rather than ensuring that Israel, the occupying Power, is immune from accountability or criticism, promoting impunity culture.

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