The occupation releases MP Omar Abdel Razek


The Israeli authorities on Wednesday (November 22nd) released former Finance Minister and Salfit Legislative Council Deputy Omar Abdel-Razek after an administrative detention of four months.
A statement issued by the parliamentary bloc “Change and Reform,” said the 54-year-old MP Abdel Razek, has completed his sentence of administrative detention in the Israeli prison of Megiddo, and was released yesterday.
It should be noted that MP Abdel Razek was finance minister in the 10th government. He was arrested 6 times previously, and spent more than 7 years in Israeli jails, the last 9 months in administrative detention after the kidnapping of the three settlers in the city of Hebron in 2014.
“The detention of MPs is a political decision par excellence, to reduce their active role in the Palestinian street and their participation in events condemning the occupation policy in the West Bank,” said the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.
The prisoners’ club said in a statement Wednesday that the kidnapping of deputies is a violation of the most basic standards and international conventions, nor any justified legal justification.
It should be noted that the occupation authorities detain 11 Palestinian deputies in their prisons, including the oldest Marwan Barghouti deputies of the Fatah movement, and sentenced to life imprisonment 5 times, and Ahmed Saadat of the Popular Front, sentenced at 30, in addition to 8 deputies from the Hamas Movement and Popular Front MP Khaleda Jarrar.

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