International Parliament votes in support of Al-Quds as Palestine’s capital


The International Parliament voted Sunday in support of the Palestinians’ right to Jerusalem as the capital of their state in the 138th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Palestinian Authority, Kuwait and Bahrain proposed three emergency items calling to condemn Israel and the US for the announcement that the US Embassy would move to Jerusalem, and for the US cutting funding to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

The Arab-Islamic proposal, which refused to prejudice the legal and historical status of the city of Jerusalem won, and the US decision was considered as a violation of international law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations, after a series of contacts and consultations of the Palestinian delegation with the geopolitical groups in the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
The voting hall saw an intensive activity by the Jordanian parliamentary delegation led by Speaker of the House of Parliament, Atef Tarawneh, who held several meetings with various representatives of international parliaments, showing them with evidence of the racism and brutality of the Israeli occupation and the impact of the U.S. decision on the future of the peace process in the region.

Tarawneh said the Jordanian parliamentary diplomacy succeeded, in coordination with Arab and Islamic delegations, to secure this resolution, which affirms the legitimacy and justice of the Palestinian cause, stressing that this decision demonstrates the isolation of Israel.

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