A delegation from the Executive Body of the League visits the Ambassador of South Africa


A delegation from the Executive body of the Association including the Assistant President Nureddin Nebati, the Executive Director of the League Beshir Jarullah and Secretary Abdullah Al-Beltagy visit the Ambassador of South Africa, where they discussed the latest developments in the Palestinian cause, and the need to support the march of return, which came to lift the political and economic siege on the Gaza Strip and to face all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause through the so-called the deal of century.
On this occasion, the League’s delegation expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to the South African State for its positions in support of the Palestinian right, especially its efforts to abort the Togo Conference and its position rejecting Trump decision.
The meeting was attended by the head of the Turkish-South African Friendship Committee, MP Norhan, who has a great love for Palestine and Al-Quds.

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