European Parliament calls for “immediate” lifting of blockade on Gaza Strip


In a resolution adopted by a large majority, MEPs called on the Israeli occupation authorities to immediately and unconditionally lift the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.
MEPs have also urged Israelis to “refrain from any use of lethal force” after the live ammunition fired by occupation soldiers, which left 35 martyrs and 3100 wounded among the young innocent and “unarmed” Palestinian protesters.
They reminded the Jewish state of the duty to respect “the fundamental right to demonstrate peacefully”, while recalling that no Israeli was injured during the demonstrations of “the great march of the return”, launched from last March 30.
Recalling that the Gaza Strip has lived since 2007 under total Israeli blockade, compounded by the decision of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to deprive between 30 to 50% of Gaza’s civil servants their salaries, and reduce the amount of fuel , already insufficient, coming from the West Bank to Gaza.

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