MP Barghouthi: Israeli courts involved in the murder of the martyr Nawara


The Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative Movement MP Mustafa Barghouthi denounced the Israeli court’s ruling “a trivial judgment” serving 9 months in prison for the murderer of the martyr Nadim Nawara.
Barghouthi said in a press statement that “the court’s decision means that the life of the Palestinian does not mean anything to Israel, and although the court’s decision is recognition of the crime and the conviction of the murderer, but the punishment of 9 months does not rise to the level of crime.”
He added that this punishment is an affirmation that the Israeli courts are involved in the crimes of murder and cover them, and that there is no solution except by referring Israeli war criminals to the International Criminal Court.
The Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem sentenced to 9 months of imprisonment the soldier who murdered Nadeem Siam Nawara, 17 years old, on the Beitunia checkpoint in 2014.

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