Tunisia: Calls for closing US embassy, criminalizing normalization


Tunisian unions have called for taking swift steps to close the US embassy in the country and enact legislation criminalizing normalization with Israel in response to the US embassy opening in Occupied Jerusalem and the mass murder of unarmed protesters in Gaza last Monday.
This came in a sit-in organized on Wednesday in the capital city, Tunis, by the Union of Tunisian Magistrates, the Tunisian Bar Association, the Tunisian Young Lawyers Association, and the Unions of Judicial and Bar Clerks.
During the sit-in, a spokesman for the unions stated that the US administration’s declaration of Occupied Jerusalem as an Israeli capital and the relocation of its embassy were “a blatant attack on the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and a provocative act against them.”
He condemned Israel’s systematic killing of unarmed Palestinian civilians defending their legitimate rights and expressed their support for all Palestinian legal efforts to prosecute Israeli war criminals.
The spokesman also urged members of the Tunisian parliament to adopt a law criminalizing any step aimed at normalizing relations with the Israeli occupation state and called for closing the US embassy in Tunis.
He emphasized that Jerusalem would remain an Arab city and the eternal capital of Palestine.

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