Israel’s Knesset approves “Breaking the Silence Law”


The “Breaking the Silence Law” , initiated by Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett and MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli (Jewish Home) was approved by the Knesset overnight Monday in its second and third readings.
The law states that human rights organizations operating against the goals of the Israel’s army and education programs will not be able to enter school grounds and meet with students.
Breaking the Silence, an Israeli organization of veteran soldiers, blasted the approval of the law and said, “After the religionization comes the silencing: Minister of Education Naftali Bennett is so afraid of Breaking the Silence that he passed a law to silence the occupation. Bennett wants to settle in the classrooms of the education system and teach his doctrine, as he expressed it in the media: It is justified to shoot at eight-year-old Palestinian children, but it is forbidden to evacuate settlers from their homes.”
“This attempt to shut up Breaking the Silence will not be able to conceal the occupation, but it proves how much Bennett and his friends are afraid of their own ideology. It is time for Bennett and his friends to understand that as long as there is occupation there will also be soldiers who will break their silence to reveal what we have been doing in the territories for 51 years. Want us to shut up? End the occupation,” added the organization.

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