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Palestinian delegations leave Gaza to attend Cairo talks


Delegations from different Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday headed to Cairo to attend Egypt-sponsored meetings on the reconciliation and the humanitarian situation in the enclave.
Spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees Abu Mujahed said that the movement had received an official invitation from Egypt to attend Cairo meetings.
According to multiple sources, delegations from the Islamic Jihad, al-Ahrar, al-Mujahideen, and the Popular Resistance Committees left Gaza Tuesday afternoon through Rafah crossing.
The PIC reporter said that Hamas had told Egypt that any decision related to a ceasefire agreement in Gaza should be made through national consensus. Egypt later invited Palestinian factions in Gaza to take part in the ongoing consultations.
Member of Hamas’s Political Bureau Husam Badran, on his Facebook page on Tuesday, confirmed his movement’s keenness on achieving national unity based on the previous Egypt and Beirut understandings.
Another member of Hamas’s Political Bureau, Ezzat al-Resheq, on Monday evening wrote on Twitter that Hamas is attending consultative meetings with Egyptian officials and representatives of other Palestinian factions in Cairo to discuss Gaza ceasefire and reconciliation.

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