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MP Khudari appeals for funds to reconstruct Gaza homes ruined in Israeli war


Head of the Popular Anti-Siege Committee Jamal Khudari launched an appeal to fund the reconstruction of 2,000 Palestinian homes ruined by Israel’s 2014 offensive on the blockaded Gaza Strip.
In a statement, Khudari said at least $150 million are needed to reconstruct Gazan homes.
He called on the donor countries to fulfill their pledges and shell out the needed sums.
Khudari urged Egypt and Norway who brokered the donor conference held following the 2014 offensive to pressurize donor parties to meet their pledges.
He warned that over 20,000 civilians have been left without roofs over their heads as UNRWA failed to pay rental fees on a monthly basis.
The MP also railed against Israeli sanctions and restrictions as regards the entry of reconstruction materials into Gaza.
He called on the international community to urge the Israeli occupation to lift the tough siege on Gaza, open border crossings, and allow the entry of all reconstruction materials into the blockaded costal enclave.

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