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Parliamentarians for Al-Quds is strating a series of workshops of regional parliamentary links


Parliamentarians for Al-Quds is strating a series of workshops of regional parliamentary links to networking in support of the Palestinian Cause and Al-Quds

Friday December 14, 2018 – Istanbul

Parliamentarians for Al-Quds is holding its second conference in Istanbul which is taking place for two consecutive days in participation of more than 500 parliamentarians from 80 countries around the world.
A series of workshops of the regional parliamentary links have been launched at the beginning of the first day with the goal of networking between the participated parliamentarians and parliamentary bodies.
Five associations from Turkey and central Asia, East and South Africa, North and West Africa, Europe and America, and finally from Palestine have participated in the workshops.
The parliamentarians have discussed the mechanisms of raising awareness of the Palestinian cause especially the occupied Jerusalem; in addition to the establishment of the regional parliamentary links, the important role of the parliamentarians in increasing pressure on their governments to support the Palestinian cause and boycott “Israel” if those governments have mutual diplomatic relations ensuring facing all recent forms of normalization through legislating laws and rules that refuse it.
The participated parliamentarians reassure their solidarity with the Palestinian cause and their condemnation of the “Israeli” racism towards the Palestinian people calling for the boycott of the “Israeli” goods.
They also praised the role of the President of Turkey Receb Tayyip Erdogan in supporting the Palestinian cause, and sponsoring the meetings of the Parliamentarians for Al-Quds to be held in Istanbul.
In addition, they called for organizing a joint programs of the Association in many countries, and international forums similar to the Association’s meeting.
At the end of the workshops, a number of recommendations were made, the most important of which was the importance of finding working mechanisms to implement what is agreed upon in the meetings of the Association, the need to thank the governments of the countries that voted against the American draft resolution criminalizing the Palestinian resistance, also the need to visit the countries that voted with trying to change their view of the Palestinian resistance and the reality of the conflict with the occupation, in addition to the formation of permanent committees to support Palestine in the parliaments participating in the conference to raise the level of support for Palestine and occupied Jerusalem and support the Palestinian refugees in their places of residence, especially with the aim of ending up their case by targeting UNRWA.
The Association of Parliamentarians for Jerusalem is the first parliamentary platform to activate and coordinate the efforts of parliamentarians from all countries to consult, cooperate in support of Jerusalem and Palestine, develop mechanisms of parliamentary action in support of Palestine, diversify its means and contribute to achieving these goals.

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