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“Parliamentarians for Al-Quds” held a seminar on the role of parliamentary and regional forums in supporting the Palestinian cause


Among the activities of the second conference of the “Parliamentarians for Al-Quds”, a parliamentary seminar was held under the title of “The Role of Parliamentary and Regional Forums in Supporting the Palestinian Cause” to discuss the role of parliamentary councils and parliamentarians in supporting the Palestinian cause in light of the liquidation projects and the increased unjust practices against the Palestinian people by the occupying “Israel”.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Awdah Qawas, former Deputy Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament, and MP Dima Tahboub, with the participation of heads of parliamentary delegations and dozens of parliamentarians participating in the second conference of the Association. Dr. Qawas emphasized the need to “adopt a comprehensive project of humanitarian action in Jerusalem, and to dedicate our legitimate rights to the Palestinian people and face the plans of the Judaization of the Zionist”.

Dr. Qawas also called for the importance of “working by all the Arab and Islamic parliamentary councils to freeze the membership of” Israel “in the global parliamentary unions. He called for the support of the Parliamentarians for Al-Quds by all nongovernmental institutions and to provide the necessary support to ensure the success of its work.

On the other hand, Dr. Dima Tahboub referred to the importance of conferences held in favor of the Palestinian cause and its results, including the second conference of the Association saying: “the Zionist occupation state established through a conference following up its recommendations and results”. She also pointed out the lack support and advocacy of the Palestinian cause to provide the tools necessary to bring the injustice of Palestine before the international community. “In presence of a large number of countries in the world stand with the Palestinian right, we must not lose confidence in the international community” she added.

Tahboub offered some suggestions: “There are some windows that can be exploited. In European countries, there are leftist parties that have committees of friendship with Palestine. One of the most important signs of this is the march to break the siege that was going to Palestine from Europe.” She added: “there is a lack of committees to resist normalization with the Zionist occupation, especially with countries that do not have peace agreements with the occupation”.

Dr. Dima pointed out the importance of building on UN resolutions in the work of parliamentarians, such as the UNESCO resolution on the Haram al-Sharif, considering Arab parliaments “don’t follow-up sufficiently the international resolutions that support the Palestinian cause”.

The participated parliamentarians commented on the ideas raised by the participants, which enriched the discussion and crystallized many important recommendations that will be included in the final statement of the Association.

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