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Yildirim: We call upon the Palestinian parties to unite for Palestine and work together for its future


At the end of the second conference of the Association of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds, a dinner was held in honor of the parliamentary delegations participating in the conference, which was attended by Turkey’s Parliament Speaker Ben Ali Yildirm.

“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine, and under this title we have gathered here. We have held this conference in order to seek Jerusalem to be liberated on a global scale and to make its voice heard, and this is a sacred task for you,” Yildirim said during his speech.

“The time has come to liberate the Palestinian people from this great pressure. Our common goal is for the Palestinian people to live in their independent state. In Jerusalem, the voice of arms has become the voice of peace and prayer. We want Jerusalem to be the city of peace” he added.

“The goal of this conference is the peace and justice for Jerusalem, which we will discuss it during this meeting. If Palestine doesn’t have peace, the region won’t” he said.

“Palestinians living in the surrounding countries must return to their independent country, and we strive to achieve justice and to protect them” he stated.

Regarding the process of political settlement, Yildirim noted that “Israel is always against the two-state solution. It is creating new settlements, displacing Palestinians, and laying hands on their land, thereby destroying peace in the region, which is a dominant enemy.”

He explained the policy adopted by the occupation, “Israel”, when he said: “Israel has bet on time to eliminate Palestine, if we look at the Palestinian map we can see that clear.”

“We want to obtain more recognition of the Palestinian state from different countries around the world” Yilderm said.

On the role played by the Turkey’s parliament on the Palestinian issue, Yildirim said: “we as parliamentarians sent to parliaments and their speakers regarding the recognition, and we have communicated with our colleagues to support the Palestinian cause. This issue is one of the focal points.”

Yildirim called on the Palestinian parties to unite and work together for the sake of Palestine and its future.

“It is the time for our voice to be united. The division weakens the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian parties should not waste time. They must unite to defend their cause, and stand behind it with all strength. We will be here to contribute to any action that supports them” he stated.

At the end of his speech, Yildirim condemned the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip saying:” today in Palestine and Gaza, there are thousands of our brothers who are being treated in inhumane terms and live in the largest prison in the world. We stand against this injustice and we fight it. We are in Turkey alongside the Palestinian cause and we support the Palestinian people,” he said.

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