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At a time when the Israeli occupation is intensifying its efforts to suppress the Palestinian cause backed by an American administration determined to implement the doomed “deal of the century”, and in light of the frightening decline of Arab support to the central issue of the Muslim world by pushing public normalization with the Israeli occupation justifying its crimes against the Palestinian people, the sincere diplomacy of the Malaysian government stands out, reflecting the aspirations of citizens of the region and the free world in the historical decision to refuse receiving Israeli athletes in a bold move that clearly reveals the criminal nature of the occupation, which it so desperately tries to conceal in various forms of normalization.
Im addition, Indonesian diplomacy has doubled the efforts to pushing back against normalization by pressuring Australia to back down from the moving its embassy to Jerusalem in a move that teaches the US administration a lesson in historical facts and international law.
The League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds extends thanks and gratitude to the Indonesian government for its courageous stance, which has given hope to those suffering from the ongoing occupation.
We also renew our thanks and gratitude to the Malaysian government for rejecting normalization in all its forms, and call upon the Islamic and free world to follow the same example in support of the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and against all forms of Zionism and racism.
Executive Committee

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