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EU slams Israel’s decision to deduct from PA tax revenues


The European Union (EU) slammed Israeli security cabinet’s recent decision to deduct a large sum from the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) tax revenues.
Communication Officer at the EU, Shadi Othman, spoke to Voice of Palestine radio station, during which he slammed the Israeli government’s decision to deduct $138 million from the tax revenues it collects on behalf of the PA.
Othman added that the EU emphasized the need for Israel to respect the agreements signed with the Palestinian side and refrain from taking any unilateral action on the Palestinian tax revenues, which should be transferred in full to the PA.
He continued to emphasize the EU’s ongoing support to the PA’s budget and made reference to the EU’s recent decision to increase support by over 70% to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) following the US Administration’s decision to halt funding to the UN agency.
Israel collects funds from imports into the West Bank and Gaza, in addition to other taxes, and forwards a large sum of it to the PA, after deduction of payments for water and electricity.
The large sum makes up the largest part of the Palestinian government’s budget.

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