President Hamid bin Abdullah al-Ahmar welcomes the adoption of the Human Rights Council resolution condemning Israel and praises the statements of the Malaysian Prime Minister on the Israeli occupation


The President of the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Auds (Jerusalem) Hamid bin Abdullah Al-Ahmar welcomed UN Human Rights Council adoption of draft resolution which condemns Israel’s use of force that amounts to “war crimes” against Palestinian demonstrators on the borders of the Gaza Strip and considered this decision as an important step to achieve human justice and support the legitimate Palestinian right.
The resolution was adopted at the UN Human Rights Council fortieth session held in Geneva on Friday, 22 March 2019 which was submitted by Bahrain, Bolivia, Cuba, Pakistan, Senegal, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Palestine.
He also expressed his sincere thanks to the countries that submitted the project, and those thad voted in its favor, stressing the need to push for similar statements in other international institutions.
The president said he was very happy with the positions of Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammed Mahathir, who stands by the Palestinian people in the face of the occupation, which wants to distort historical facts and international legitimacy.
He said that he considered the reaction a natural response to the aggressive and irresponsible behavior of the American president in his racist support for the Israeli occupation. He expressed his hope that all the leaders’ efforts would be united to end the occupation and restore the right to its people.
The Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, had said from Islamabad through Pakistani television channels, on Friday evening March 22, 2019, that “Israel does not abide by international laws, and continues its occupation and settlement in the Palestinian territories.
He added: “We are not against the Jews, but we can not recognize Israel because of its occupation of the Palestinian land”.
“You can not seize the territory of others and establish a state on it, as if you were living in a state of thieves,” he said.

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