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Despite ceasefire: Israel continues airstrikes over Gaza


 Israeli warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes overnight on Tuesday and targeted dozens of Hamas movement sites in the southern besieged Gaza Strip.
A Ma’an reporter said that Israeli warplanes targeted and fired several missiles towards military sites belonging to al-Qassam Brigades in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza.
Sources also confirmed that Israeli warplanes fired another four missiles, east of Rafah City, at field control sites.
No injuries were reported.
According to Hebrew-language news outlets, the Israeli army said that sirens were sounded after one rocket was launched from Gaza at the industrial area of Ashkelon City.
However, Israel’s Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted the launched rocket.
The Israeli army said in a statement that the airstrikes targeted several sites in southern Gaza, including a Hamas military site and a weapon manufacture facility in Khan Younis.
The statement added that the Israeli airstrikes came in response to the alleged launch of incendiary balloons from Gaza towards southern Israel.
Source: Ma’an News Agency

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