Ghunaimat: Jordan under pressure for its position on Jerusalem


The spokeswoman for the Jordanian government Jumana Ghunaimat has revealed that Amman is being exposed to pressures over its position on Occupied Jerusalem, stressing the need for a united national front to fortify and protect the country.
The Jordanian official made her remarks during a symposium on Media and Jerusalem held Tuesday by the parliamentary committee on Palestine.
Ghunaimat reiterated Jordan’s refusal to be a substitute homeland for the Palestinians, affirming that this issue is considered a red line by the King Abdullah II.
“There are many rumors aimed at undermining Jordan’s position towards the Palestinian cause and the Jordanians must close ranks to confront them,” the spokeswoman said.
She affirmed that her country rejects any overture other than the two-state solution and all the steps that target the national constants.
Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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