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PLC calls for national strategy to confront deal of century


The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) has called for necessarily developing a national strategy to confront the US deal of the century, expressing its rejection of all details and results of the deal, including the Bahrain economic workshop.
In a special session on Thursday, the PLC presidency affirmed that the deal of the century involves a number of very serious violations against the principles of the international law that recognized the Palestinian people’s rights.
“Our Palestinian people have lived through decades of pain, agony and suffering because of the ongoing Zionist aggression, which culminated 12 years ago in an unjust siege that has undermined all elements of our people’s human life,” first deputy speaker of the PLC Ahmed Bahar said at the beginning of the session.
“During these long decades, our people has witnessed a lot of suspicious projects and deals that tried to kill their just cause, but they all failed thanks to our people’s awareness and steadfastness,” Bahar added.
“The Trump administration, backed unfortunately by the complicity of some Arab regimes, tried to implement the political part of the deal of the century, but it faced fierce Palestinian rejection and resistance leading its steps and calculations to falter, so it is trying now to implement the economic part of the deal as a platform and base to carry out its political section through announcing the holding of an economic conference in Bahrain in late June, which will draw the mechanisms to execute the economic side of the deal of the century,” the deputy speaker underlined.
Bahar stressed that the Palestinian people reject the Bahrain conference, calling on the Kingdom of Bahrain, which will host the event, and some Arab regimes to cancel the workshop. He also emphasized that the Palestinian rights and national constants would never be subject to bargaining, extortion and bartering, describing the unity of the internal Palestinian position as a cornerstone to consolidate and strengthen the Arab and Islamic position on the Palestinian cause.
He called for holding a national conference in Gaza in conjunction with the Bahrain workshop in the presence of Palestinian factions, institutions, trade unions and noted figures to agree on a national strategy to confront the deal of the century.

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