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EU: Gaza siege must end


The European Union (EU) has said that the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip must end.
Head of the EU mission to the Palestinian territories Ralph Tarraf said, at the inauguration of al-Fukhari (Sofa) Landfill in Gaza on Wednesday, “Time has come to bring about radical changes in the economic, political and security situation in Gaza.”
“We are here today with our partners in the Palestinian Authority to reaffirm our commitment to joint action everywhere in Palestine, especially in Gaza,” he said.
Tarraf continued to say, “For more than 12 years there have been unprecedented and difficult challenges including the Israeli blockade and the failure of Palestinian reconciliation, but despite all obstacles, we have chosen to continue to support the Palestinian Authority in many sectors in Gaza.”
He noted that Sofa Landfill is the outcome of two-years efforts that will serve half the population in the Gaza Strip and have a positive impact on the environment.
Tarraf explained that the landfill project is a living example of joint cooperation between the EU, the Palestinian Authority and France.
“This project is not the only one in Gaza. We are working with the Water Authority for the construction of a seawater treatment plant that will provide clean drinking water to more than 250,000 Palestinians.”
Tarraf re-confirmed the EU’s commitment to Gaza development and that the EU believes that the Palestinians in Gaza have a right to a decent life, and that joint projects keep hope alive amid what it going on.

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