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Jordanian PM: Jordan is “concerned” about attempts to resolve the Palestinian issue


Jordanian MP Yahya al-Saud said that the Jordanian people, the government and king stand with their Palestinian neighbors in the occupied territories.
“As Jordanians, we are very concerned about attempts to solve the Palestinian issue at the expense of Palestinian rights, as well as Jordan.”
He stressed that Jordan “has and will always stand firmlybefore solutions that do not achieve the freedom of the Palestinians and the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.”
A Jordanian parliamentary delegation, consisting of six deputies and headed by Yahya al-Saud, arrived in London for a five-day visit to the United Kingdom.
During the visit, the delegation will meet with a number of solidarity organizations, politicians, parliamentarians and grassroots organizations.
The delegation will discuss the developments of the Palestinian issue and the illegal occupation actions in Jerusalem and the repercussions of the deal of the century on Jordan, Palestine and peace in the Middle East.
The Jordanian delegation hosts the European-Palestinian Communication Forum.
The purpose of the visit is to hold formal and popular meetings in the United Kingdom to convey the importance of the Palestinian issue to the Arab and Islamic world, said the forum’s president, Zaher Birawi.
“The visit aims to urge parliamentarians in the UK and politicians to put in more efforts and exchange ideas in order to reach a just solution to the Palestinian issue that restores rights to their owners,” he said.
He stressed that the idea of ​​the delegation comes as part of an extensive program that includes a series of activities organized by the European-Palestinian Communication Forum.
“These activities aim to activate the role of Arab and Muslim deputies in bringing the Palestinian cause to their counterparts in the Western world and to international forums,” he said.
He noted: “We seek to influence the positive decision makers in the West to end the crimes of occupation against the Palestinians, their land and their holy sites, which are sacred to the peoples of the Arab and Islamic world.”
However, the Palestinian activist: “Israel occupies the most important Christian and Islamic sanctuaries in Jerusalem.”
The European-Palestinian Communication Forum is an independent, non-profit London-based organization dealing with Palestinian-European affairs and aims to provide a better understanding of the Palestinian narrative of the conflict with the occupation.
The foundation seeks to build bridges of communication between the Palestinian people on the one hand and European peoples and governments on the other.

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