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Jake Walles: Bahrain workshop failed to present new workable proposals or new practical mechanisms.


The meeting tackled several topics of relevance including a possible US congressional vote on a resolution supporting a two state solution. Senator Lindsey Graham gave statements in Jerusalem recently expressing support to the two state solution. Topics also included the aftermath of the Manama economic workshop and the next steps anticipated by the US Administration towards a possible release of the so called “deal of the century.”
Fatah Central Committee member and veteran Palestinian political leader and diplomat Dr. Nasser al Kidwa joined as a guest Horizon Center Director Ibrahim Dalalsha in the discussion with Ambassador Walles.
The meeting started with a question on the on the statements made recently by the Senator Lyndsey Graham who expressed support for the two state solution and dismissed as “crazy” the one state solution. Walles described these statements as important reflecting continuing support in the US congress, Senate and other circles in Washington DC outside the Administration for implementing the two state solution as a viable mechanism to achieve a lasting peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.
He said however that he believes the US Administration will block a possible vote on a two state resolution in the US congress and that the Republican Majority leader in the senate Mitch McConnell, who is a close confidant to President Trump, will likely not put the motion to a vote.
Despite this possible outcome, Mr. Walles said support to two state solution is strong in the US/ Washington circles outside the Administration, including among mainstream Jewish groups supporting Israel.
Walles said that he believes the US Administration will not allow this motion to pass into a law because of its close coordination with the Israeli PM Netanyahu and the Israeli right wing government.
He said that the Administration is working towards reframing all of the permanent status issues including the principle of two state solution and the creation of an independent Palestinian state as a means of resolving the Israeli –Palestinian conflict.

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