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PFB: Deal of the century was born dead


Hafed al-Karmi, head of the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), has said that the Palestinians abroad reject the US deal of the century and its projects, most notably the Bahrain economic workshop.
Karmi made his remarks during a symposium on the Arab revolutions and the Palestinian cause held recently in the British city of Birmingham in the presence of representatives of Arab communities and a galaxy of academic figures.
Karmi said that those who attended the Manama economic conference represented only themselves, stressing that “the deal of the century was born dead.”
Other speakers at the symposium included member of the Muslim Council of Britain Tawfiq Qasimi, who spoke on behalf of the Algerian community, former Egyptian lawmaker Yasser Abdul-Rafea and head of the Yemeni community Marwan Hamoud.
The speakers, in general, talked about their compatriots’ aspirations to live with dignity and freedom under real leaderships they choose away from external diktats or interventions.
They also affirmed that the citizens in their countries are attached to Palestine and consider it part of their faith.

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